SoVa Love

Owned and Operated by:

Jacqueline Campbell

Richmond Va

It's all in the Family

SoVa Love creator Jacquelin Campbell

I have dabbled in a little bit of it all over the years and had been selling my work alongside a variety of antiques and oddities for a little more than 15 years at flea markets and festivals right up until 2015 when I finally planted my roots and opened this venture!


My focus here is two-fold; to grow in my trade and push my limits and to create meaningful art that will stand the test of time. Jewelry and wall art that can be shared or passed down to those we love most. I love creating beautiful one of a kind electroformed jewelry and my one of a kind Double Ringed Crystal Tree of Life Dream Catchers. What I am most passionate about in this line of work is creating something unique and special to you and your family. I am always looking to start a custom order

 I'm Jacqueline Campbell! I am the wife to a stellar man, Austin, and mama to a wild boy, Oliver Greyson and the owner of this hobby based business. 

I founded SoVa Love in 2015 on a mission to create  beauty in my own world. 

I am, once again, going to be joining our community out at fund raisers, festivals, and markets all over the Virginia area! I can't wait to meet you out there! Don't forget I often host giveaways at our events!

Yggdrasil and Nidhogg Sleeve by Dave Zobel of Cary Street Tattoo